Persistent Prayer

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8).

When people seek, as Jesus directs us to do, they are asking with effort. This implies that He expects us to do our part even as we ask Him to do His. So when Jesus teaches us to pray, “give us this day our daily bread,” He doesn’t mean that we are to sit back and expect God to rain down manna from heaven on us. . . . What Jesus means is, “give us the opportunity to earn our bread.” God does not give added resources to those who are lazy. . . . Prayer without action is presumption. . . .

When Jesus directs us to knock, He’s asking us to be persistent! Keep on asking, keep on seeking and keep on knocking.

Reread the parable of the friend at midnight and the command of Jesus to ask, seek, and knock. Do you have any needs that are urgent enough to drive you to wake up a neighbor at midnight and demand an answer? What would they be?

–Taken from Power Praying (Hearing Jesus’ Spirit by Praying Jesus’ Prayer) by David Chotka (Click on the title for more information on this resource).

Lord, I have so much to learn about obedience in prayer!  Teach me to ask according to Your will and not my own.  Help me to Seek your face continually, never taking my eyes off of You!  May I keep on knocking and not be tempted to give up!  Yet, may I also sit at Your beautiful feet as Mary did…listening!

Prayer Points
Read Psalm 139 and praise the all-knowing one who perfectly knows you in every action, thought, and word (139:1, 4). Thank God for the comforting knowledge that he is with you wherever you go (139:5-6). Confess any attempt to flee his all-knowing presence (139:7-12). Commit yourself to learning more about these wonderful human bodies he has made (139:13-16). Ask him to give you a love for knowing his thoughts (139:17-18), an informed hatred for those he hates (139:19-22), and an “open-book” relationship with him (139:23-24).

Pray that your nation will repent of willful ignorance of God’s thoughts and ways. Ask that the beauty and purpose of human life be accepted and promoted (139:12-16).

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend  (Click on title for more information about this resource).