Experiencing the Fellowship of God

june2014picHere I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” (Revelation 3:20)

Our God is so good to us in all of the circumstances of our lives! He cares for us when we are exhausted and weary, He invites us into deeper intimacy when we long to draw closer, and He loves to celebrate with us!

When Elijah burned out from ministry he retreated to the desert to be alone with God. There, God miraculously provided him with warm bread and fresh water (1 K. 19:4-9). The Lord delights in restoring us. He does this spiritually, but also physically.

Revelation 3:20 paints a poignant picture of a Friend knocking on the door of His loved one’s heart. Jesus longs for us invite Him into our deepest confidence to eat with us and have us eat with Him. Consider taking communion elements along on a prayer retreat to make the experience of this fellowship more meaningful. Or, you may wish to take communion daily as a reminder of the One to whom you belong.

The Hebrew feast days were times set apart for corporate prayer, worship, thanksgiving, and celebration of God’s faithfulness (e.g. The Feast of Tabernacles, Pentecost, Passover and Purim). Similarly, there are times when we will want to reflect on and celebrate His goodness. Consider celebrating such times in your own home.

Loving God, it always amazes me that You want to fellowship with me! Your invitation to join You in the fellowship of both suffering and celebration is difficult to grasp, but I trust Your heart to always know what is best for me as You form me into the image of Jesus. Teach me how to slow down and take part in feasts and remembrances. I don’t want to burn out before I retreat with You as Elijah did! Continually restore me spiritually, physically and emotionally as I seek to know Your heart more fully! And may I also learn to experience times of corporate refreshing in the midst of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank You, Father, for loving me so much that You desire to have this kind of intimacy with me! May I faithfully draw near!

–Adapted from Giving Ourselves to Prayer: An Acts 6:4 Primer for Ministry (Chapter 28, Personal Prayer Retreats by Cynthia Bezek). This book is available at prayershop.org. Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount.

Prayer Points

Praise God for being the great healer who gives real peace and security for you to enjoy (Jer. 33:6). Give thanks for the many miraculous healings that show God’s power at work. Confess your failure to appreciate the health God gives you and your complaining when things aren’t going well (Ps. 139:23). Commit yourself to praising God each day for a healthy body, for legs and arms, fingers and toes, eyes and ears—a body that functions so beautifully. Ask him for guidance in blessing him at all times even if these body parts aren’t always working right (Ps. 34:1).

Pray for your church to be very compassionate and able to minister to those who do not experience good health, have disabilities, or have met with serious accident.

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend.  This book is available at prayershop.org. Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount.

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