Father, Send Revival!

Image for AprilLord, change my heart; give me a surrendered heart, a hungry heart to know You. Show me excuses I make for not serving You and not being faithful to Your church. Show me the idols I have allowed and hidden in my heart. By faith, let me remove them. Father, teach me to seek You and obey Your Word.

Lord, I praise You for Your faithfulness, Your mercy, and Your protection and provision.

Let me not be overwhelmed by the great numbers that oppose me. You are my God.  Just as You did with Asa, let opposition drive me to seek You. Father, You are my refuge. Teach me to trust and rest in You as I cry out to You and obey You.

Lord, I praise You for Your Word and ask You to continue speaking to me. When Your Word comes to me through a human agent, let me receive it.  I praise You. Let Your Spirit move on me. Teach me to abide in You always.

Show me anything You have told me in the past that I have failed to do. Lord, narrow the focus of my life, so that I magnify You. Give me courage to deal with idols and high places that I have tolerated but never removed. Let me restore Your altar in my life. I want to live in covenant with You. Teach me to seek You deliberately with all my heart and soul. Show me any area where my heart is divided. I want to obey You. I want to glorify You. Let my soul long after You. Father, send revival among Your people. In Jesus’ name, amen.

–Adapted from Praying with Fire: Seeking His Presence through the Revival Passages of Scripture by Mark Partin. This book is available at prayershop.org. Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount.

Prayer Points

Read Psalm 139 and praise the all-knowing one who perfectly knows you in every action, thought, and word (139:1, 4). Thank God for the comforting knowledge that he is with you wherever you go (139:5-6). Confess any attempt to flee his all-knowing presence (139:7-12). Commit yourself to learning more about these wonderful human bodies he has made (139:13-16). Ask him to give you a love for knowing his thoughts (139:17-18), an informed hatred for those he hates (139:19-22), and an “open-book” relationship with him (139:23-24).

Pray that your nation will repent of willful ignorance of God’s thoughts and ways. Ask that the beauty and purpose of human life be accepted and promoted (139:12-16).

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend

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