America’s Pentecost

After years of seeking God as a group of pastors and praying people, in 1801 a spiritual explosion took place that swept our nation like a wildfire. Vanderbilt University historian Paul Conkin calls it “America’s Pentecost.” Mark Noll, a historian specializing in the history of Christianity in the U.S., insists it was our nation’s most important religious moment that changed the course of history.

Hundreds of denominations were born and thousands of churches were founded. Modern missions exploded on the scene, as well as tract and Bible societies. Abolition was launched. Hospitals, schools, and colleges were founded. The awakening infiltrated every area of life and it spun out for nearly 50 years. The impact on our nation and around the world was astounding.

In the midst of the stressful national issues of our day, we pray with hope and confidence. We have seen the glory of Christ before!

–Adapted from America’s Pentecost by Robert Bakke, an article in the Premiere Issue of Prayer Connect Magazine.

Prayer Point

Today, pray for the Church in America: Pray for revival, holiness, love for truth, passion for Jesus, evangelistic fervor and compassionate ministry. “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord” (Acts 3:19). See also: Joel 2:12-14; Psalm 85:4-7).


Savior and Lord, we bow before You, knowing that we, the Church, have fallen short of Your desires for Your people. We humbly repent for our sinfulness, and for our apathy towards making a significant spiritual impact upon our culture. Give us a fresh love for Your truth, a deep desire for holy living and passion for sharing Christ and impacting the lives of the least and the lost. We desperately need revival Lord! Please send us “times of refreshing” so that we may bring honor and glory to the Name of Jesus!

***On November 14th we will transition back to our regular Connection! devotions format, which has been devoted to praying for our nation over the past 40 + days. PLEASE do not stop praying for the nation! The prayer is not about the election – it is about seeking God on behalf of America.  2 Chronicles 7:14.

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