Hearing God’s Voice in the Night

One of the best times for me in listening to God is in the middle of the night. John Maxwell encouraged me in this during one of his seminars. He explained that he would be wide-eye awake in the middle of the night. He would lie there worrying about not getting enough sleep, being tired the next day, or not hearing his alarm clock in the morning. After this went on for a while, John realized that it was God who was waking him in the middle of the night. As soon as he realized this, John began getting up when he found himself wide awake. He would spend time with God in His Word.

As soon as John said this, my spirit identified with the idea and I committed right then that whenever God woke me up again in the middle of the night, I would grab my journal and my Bible and spend some quality time with Him. That was one of the wisest commitments I ever made. With my Bible and my journal in hand, God invariably leads me to a place in His Word or He leads me to intercede for someone. I have no distractions in the middle of the night. I am not thinking about what I need to prepare or who I need to call or where I need to go. Typically, in the middle of the night, I am only thinking about when I am going back to bed. God often reminds me that if I pay attention, it will be sooner rather than later.

–Adapted from The Path toward Passion (Nine Disciplines that Connect Your Heart to God’s) by Dean Trune. 

Gracious Father, You continually seek those who are listening to Your voice and willing to be obedient.  Help me to learn how to meet You in the night…to pay attention to the voice of Your Spirit calling me to a deeper intimacy with You.  Help my heart to be attuned to names, faces or situations You bring to my attention so that I might have the privilege of interceding for them! 

Prayer Points

Praise God that Jesus Christ is coming again to bring all things to perfection. Thank the Lord that you can anticipate dwelling with him in a new heaven and earth. Confess any attitudes or actions which are hindering the coming kingdom. Commit yourself to watching and praying, being ready for the coming of Christ. Ask that you may live in a way pleasing to God, so that he might say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Mt 25:21).

Ask God to make his people generous in giving their time and gifts for the benefit of others. Ask that the love of Christ will be evident in the care Christians give to each other.

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend

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