Choosing to Remember His Ways

You come to the help of those who gladly do right, who remember your ways. But when we continued to sin against them, you were angry. How then can we be saved?  Isaiah 64:5
In this passage, there is a clear contrast of two different lifestyles: those who did right and remembered God’s ways, and those who continued to sin against His ways. It was God’s response to these two lifestyles that really makes the difference apparent. He chose to come to the help of those who gladly did right by remembering His ways.

What a great privilege for those who, through His Spirit, are following Him! God Himself has become their helper. Continual sin against the ways of God, however, brings about the anger of God. This was the condition the people of Judah found themselves in. Hence, Isaiah’s cry, “How then can we be saved?”  Given the universal human sin condition, it is a contemporary cry for us as well.
Regarding the Church, those who have cast their hope for salvation upon Jesus, we answer Isaiah’s question by pointing to the Son of God, crucified and arisen, and say, “It is through Him that we can be saved!” Still, the help or anger of God, revival or wrath, seems to have much to do with a choice. We either do right and walk in His ways, or continue to sin against His ways. What do you choose to do today?

Lord, help me today to do right. I want to always remember Your ways and walk in them. I am desperate for Your help in my life. Forgive me when I have forgotten Your ways and gone my own way instead. I do not want to experience Your anger, but instead, Your help.

–By David Butts, author of The Devil Goes to Church (Combating the Everyday Attacks of Satan)

Prayer Points
Praise God for being both high above you and intimately within you. Thank God for making you a friend of Jesus as you follow his ways (Jn. 15:14). Confess times of damaging that friendship by acting as if you didn’t know Jesus and his ways. Commit to living in loving, obedient partnership with him (15:15). Ask Jesus to increase your appreciation of the gift of his friendship and fellowship.

Pray for those you love to continually “walk in the ways of good men and keep to the paths of the righteous” (Prov. 2:20). Ask God to give them discretion in choosing friends and associates.

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend 

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