A Code of Holiness

“For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life” (I Thessalonians 4:7).
Regardless of our skills or lack of skills in prayer, we will not become a mighty people of prayer until we begin to develop a passion for the holy life – until we will not settle for “good enough” but strive to be like Jesus. I believe the Scriptures we have read give us the key for living a life of holiness. The key to our holiness is nothing less than the holiness of God Himself. We are to be holy…because He is holy (1 Peter 1:16).

Holy…set apart…different…unique…perfect…that’s the God we worship! How is it possible that we sinful creatures can even aspire to holiness? It’s because God has CALLED us to! You see, it is God’s nature to be holy. You and I have been born again into God’s family. His genetic structure for holiness has been given to us because of Jesus. When we made Jesus Lord and Savior of our lives, we experienced the new birth. The Holy Spirit came to dwell in us. We still have much of the sin nature within us; however, there is a new nature…a new genetic code if you will…a code of holiness that comes straight from our Heavenly Father. Holiness now becomes a possibility…where it was an impossibility.

–Adapted from the article Personal Holiness: Unlocking the Door to Effective Prayer by Dave Butts.  Click on the title to read the rest of the article.

Holy Father, You have chosen to give me new life and to allow your Holy Spirit to dwell in me!  What an amazing thing!  You have given me the nature of Jesus to combat the sin nature that tries continually to take up residence.  Sometimes knowing that You have called me to be holy as You are holy seems an unreachable goal, but You have made this impossible thing a possibility.  For this I am so grateful!  Thank You that You have called me to a pure and holy life and that You do not leave me in the misery of my sin.

Prayer Points
Express your love and admiration for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank the Father for his love, Christ for his grace, and the Holy Spirit for his fellowship. Confess any unresponsiveness to the Father’s love, the Savior’s grace, and the Holy Spirit’s inner working. Commit yourself to loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Ask that you may become a temple of the living God so that he will live in you, walk with you, and be your God (2 Cor. 6:16).

Pray for a congregation whose members are bound by love to each other and willing to say “I am sorry; please forgive me.” Pray that the Spirit may mold your congregation into a loving, redemptive fellowship.

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend  (Click on title for more information about this resource).