A Christ Awakening

aplpcAs Jonathan Edwards (pastor/scholar of the 1700s) observed, revival is arguably the most dramatic display of Jesus’ Lordship in the present age. In no way depreciating God’s “ordinary” work with us on a daily basis, revival is an exceptional season of His “extraordinary” work among us.

In other words, God infuses His Church with fresh hope, passion, prayer, and mission by refocusing us on Christ for all He really is. In revival a church is re-captivated with the supremacy of Christ by the Spirit of Christ. That’s why my favorite term for this phenomenon is a “Christ Awakening.”

Revival is more than just an event in a church calendar. When God re‑energizes a community of Christians, He intends Kingdom results that last many years. Scholars’ research verifies that, following each of the four so-called “Great Awakenings” in American history (early 1700s, late 1700s, mid 1800s, early 1900s), decades of documented transformations took place both in churches and in society.

God gave His people “fresh winds,” not simply to fire up enthusiasm for spiritual things, but lso to extend further the reign of His Son within communities and nations through His Church.

Holy Spirit, blow a fresh wind over me…and over Your Church! Allow us to experience Christ in all of His fullness…and faithfulness! Stir our hearts for Your kingdom work and give us a passion for obedience to Your word! Transform Your people so that the world might know and experience Your great power and love through us!

—Adapted from the article: Fully Alive to the Glory of Christ: An Exceptional Season of God’s Extraordinary Work by David Bryant; published in Issue 2 of Prayer Connect Magazine.

Prayer Points

Praise your great, mighty, and awesome covenant-keeping God (Neh. 9:32). Thank God for strengthening those whose hearts are fully committed to him (2 Chron. 16:9). Confess those times when you depend on your own strength rather than God’s (Eccl. 5:7). Commit yourself to spending time daily reflecting on God’s awe, his faithfulness, and might (Ps. 89:6-8). Ask God’s forgiveness for neglecting him when hardships arise.

Pray that God’s kingdom will grow as oppressed people recognize God’s awesome majesty and come to him in faith.

Prayer Pointer

“Worship is intended to introduce God’s kingdom power throughout the church and extend that power through the church.” —Jack Hayford

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