Neighborhood House of Prayer

October pictureWhen families, neighbors or coworkers band together to impact a neighborhood or a workplace as a house of prayer, they utilize a threefold power: (1) the power of prayer, (2) the power of caring love, and (3) the power of the shared gospel. These three forms of power are, in reality, three different ways in which God’s power touches human lives.

The Bible specifically mentions these three forms of impact. James underscores the power of prayer when he says, “The prayer of a righteous [person] is powerful and effective” (5:16). The apostle Paul stresses the potency of a caring love, which “always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres . . . [and] never fails” (1 Corinthians13:7-8). Romans 1:16 states that the gospel “is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” These three forms of power are activated in a community when believers in a House of Prayer simply pray, care, and share.

 House of Prayer members begin to make an impact on their communities by laying a prayer foundation. Before they venture out of their homes or offices to make personal contact with a neighbor or fellow worker, they themselves need to be in touch with God. The strong prayer foundation, laid at the outset, restrains the powers of darkness, opens the door for demonstrations of God’s love, makes hearts tender to the gospel, and prepares the way for fruitful encounters.

Faithful Father, my heart longs to be about the work of Your kingdom! Draw me into that intimate fellowship with You that allows my heart to resonate for the lost people around me – neighbors, family members, co-workers and others. Allow me to love them with Your heart and to be compelled towards acts of caring that will develop into trusting relationships. May I be open and aware as Your Spirit works in and through me to demonstrate the life of Jesus in such a way that others want to know Him too!

–Adapted from Shine His Light: A Simple Way to Pray, Care and Share Jesus in Your Neighborhood by Alvin VanderGriend. This book is available at Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount.

Prayer Points

Praise God as your beloved Father. Give thanks as a dear child for the undeserved love and grace you receive from him. Confess all the ways you have offended him. Commit yourself to trusting and obeying. Ask Christ to be with you always and to teach you to obey all things that he has commanded.

Pray for the ability to serve God in marriage and family life by reflecting his covenant love in lifelong loyalty, and by teaching his ways, so that children may know Jesus as their Lord and learn to use their gifts in a life of joyful service.

Prayer Pointer

“God’s answers are wiser than our prayers.” —Anonymous

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend. This book is available at Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount.

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