Rend Our Hearts!

IMG_4253Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you! Isaiah 64:1

What a great heart cry for revival! Rip the skies apart and come down to be with Your people! Come in such power and awesome glory that the very mountains begin to shake in Your presence! Isaiah had caught a glimpse of the majesty of the presence of God and cried out for that glory to come into the experience of the people of God.

What are you praying for when you pray for revival? Do you ask for our assemblies to be more exciting? Do you ask to be happy? Maybe you ask to see many come to salvation? All of those things are good. But maybe our sights are set too low. Look with Isaiah to the skies and begin to cry out for God to come in power and majesty. May all the nations tremble before God as He manifests His presence in the midst of His people!

Holy Father, come and do what only You can do. Rend not just the heavens, but our hearts as well. Awaken our hearts to receive You in fresh new ways.  Come in power and might, but also in tender mercy and love. Fill Your people with new love for Jesus and new awareness of all that He is for us.

–By David Butts, co-author of Pray like the King: Lessons from the Prayers of Israel’s Kings. This resource is available at Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount on the book.

Prayer Points

Praise God, who is the bread of life. Thank God for the strength he provides you to live each day. Confess those times when you have complained about weakness or yielded to the desire not to press on. Commit yourself to doing those things which nurture spiritual energy. Ask God to reveal to you ways by which he would have you offer “bread” to others.

Pray that God will provide the energy needed to deal with unexpected circumstances in your family life, remembering that he will sustain you.

Prayer Pointer

“Set the tone of the day with early morning prayer, and spirituality then tends to prevail and prayer becomes easier.” —Ernest B. Gentile

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend is available at Use the code CONPSP3 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount on the book.

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